Fresh Ed is an arts integrated program designed to enhance teaching and learning through culturally responsive pedagogy (teacher practice) and song-writing (student engagement). It gives teachers and students new ways to interact with content-related vocabulary and concepts, to increase knowledge and deepen understanding.

Fresh Ed: A Field Guide to Cultural Responsive Pedagogy

The Fresh Ed Field Guide is a standards-based curriculum that acknowledges and capitalizes on young peoples’ love of music by reframing the way content is presented. In other words, Fresh Ed uses Hip Hop Music and youth culture to make ELA and social studies content accessible to middle school students who otherwise might find it foreign or irrelevant.



New York Regents Exam

English Language Arts Regents Pass Rate

  • Before Fresh Ed39%
  • After Fresh Ed85%

U.S. History Regents Pass Rate

  • Before Fresh Ed24%
  • After Fresh Ed63%

Global History Regents Pass Rate

  • Before Fresh Ed27%
  • After Fresh Ed53%

“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.”

- Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas



Analyze & Illustrate the Music

The Fresh Ed Annotator is a creative engagement application designed to help students forge a personal connection with educational content through play. Content is delivered in the form of Fresh Ed-produced rap lessons which include keywords that students can annotate with drawings, their own audio, text, or video. Students can play back and live-jam to their annotations.


  • "An amazing avenue for empowerment."
    Alex Post
    Creative Director, Creative Tech Week
  • “Using arts integration in my classroom thus far has been a positive, eye opening experience. Using music and topics students can relate to has motivated my students to want to learn the material. This has also made the material easy for them to understand.”
    Ms. Louis
    IS 218 English Language Arts Educator
  • "’s the creation of the music, both the lyrics and the beats, that captivate them the most. They are so willing to think and create because they are familiar with the cultural context they are immersed in during these lessons."
    ­­Alison Cerami
    IS 364 English Language Arts Educator
  • "Mr Tut is able to present very important information in a different modality that the kids gravitate to easier. Because it's music and the kids love music they are learning and expressing themselves in ways they never have before."
    Mr. Thompson
    IS 218 Social Studies Educator
  • "I have to say, having Fresh Ed in my classroom during this project was a breath of fresh air. As a first year teacher, it has been amazing having Fresh Ed teach my students in an engaging and innovative way!"
    Scott Snowden
    MS 306 English Language Arts Educator